360 Photo Booth Rental to
Capture Lasting Memories

Bring the Fun to
Any Event

Watch as guests line up for their turn to star in a unique, immersive video experience. Perfect for crafting those ‘You need to see this’ moments that linger long after the event.
Whether it’s for a Sweet 16th, a milestone graduation, or a heartwarming baby shower, our booth brings people together. It invites curiosity, encourages participation, and improves the overall energy of your celebration.
Discover more about the pros and cons of 360 photo booth rentals.

The Ultimate 360 Booth Package

Our 360 photo booth creates a dynamic, all-around snapshot or video, ensuring no smile, laugh,
or candid moment goes uncaptured.

Our rich photo booth rental package includes everything you need to make your event unforgettable

Customize Your 360 Booth

Customize Your 360 Booth

Check out the extra features we offer for your events

Live action Props

Confetti, money, bublles

LED Lighting Package

Our state of the art LED lights allow you to add custom colour and pattern sequences

360 Degree Enclosure

Add our circular custom printed backdrop

Branded Podium

The 360 platform is the center of attention and seen by every guest.

Enhance digital branding

Email, text, overlay

Data Collection & Analytics

Monitor the success of your events with helpful analytics.

Why 360 Booth is so popular?

Year after year, we elevate hundreds of events nationwide with our photo booth business, having made
over 5,000 gatherings uniquely memorable. And while we cater to many events, some of our main
focuses include: Weddings, Brand Activations, Party & Events

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Tailor Your
360 Experience

Dive into a photo booth experience that’s fully customizable to your taste.
From the props that bring out the fun, to backdrops that set the perfect scene, to filters that make every shot flattering – you have the power to design it all.
Make every 360 video uniquely yours with a custom intro. Add your logo, choose background music, and more. Bring your videos to life with animated overlays that add that extra dash of interest and excitement.
Just hop on the platform, hit your best pose, and let our remote-controlled camera do the magic. 

Creating Unforgettable Experiences in

Weddings: Capture Your Love
in 360 Degrees

Your wedding is a story worth sharing, and what could be more fitting than capturing it in a heart-stirring 360-degree view?
Photos and videos from our 360 booth are instant, timeless keepsakes. Capturing your wedding’s joy and beauty in a modern, unforgettable format, these mementos will be cherished by you and your guests for a long time. From laughter-filled group shots to romantic spins with your special someone, we capture every emotion beautifully. And the customization? It’s all about you. Make the booth a seamless part of your wedding decor by tailoring it to reflect your style — from elegant, romantic backdrops to fun, quirky props. 

Parties and Events: The
Ultimate Party Booster

Your party, your rules.
Make every event memorable, from birthday parties to golden anniversaries, spirited graduations to heartfelt reunions.
Our 360 photo booth adds a customized, dynamic flair that transforms your celebration into an unforgettable experience. From the moment the booth starts spinning, your party shifts into high gear.
Our booth delivers high-quality, ultra-smooth video capabilities that capture the very essence of your event.

Corporate Events and Brand
Activations: Fun Meets Business

Our booth is where handshakes turn into high-fives — it’s networking without the stiffness. Watch as your guests let loose, bond over boomerangs, and remember your brand as the one that brought the party.
But our booth offers more than just a good time. It can be a magnet for attendees, drawing in the crowd and boosting foot traffic to your brand’s activation spot. 
Every spin, laugh, and shared moment inside the booth can be a piece of powerful user-generated content. This can fuel your marketing campaigns on social media platforms, creating a lasting buzz and showing just how well your brand connects with people and makes events special. 

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the things that make us stand out from other event companies in the photo booth industry:

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Frequently Asked Questions


The rental cost depends on a few things: the duration of the event, the date, the location, and the number of guests. You can fill out our form on the website to get a quote that’s tailored to your specific event needs.

The price you get is all-inclusive – that means delivery, setup, breakdown, and all taxes and fees are already covered. There are no hidden charges, so you can plan your event budget with confidence

Absolutely! Every video recorded in our booth is completely shareable. Users can email videos to themselves right on the spot. We use the latest technology to ensure internet availability, enabling maximum social media sharing of the fun moments from your event.

The main benefit is enhanced digital branding. You can customize our photo booths to fit your event’s theme and branding and turn every photo into a powerful extension of your brand.

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