As you are well aware, selfies are all the rage. Not only are people taking selfies using their phones, they’re also using things like selfie sticks to get the best personal pictures possible. But one possibility that they’re probably not aware of, and this is the reason you can make the party exciting, is a party photo booth. Selfie Booth allows you to rent a photo booth where all your party guests can gather to take photos that represent not just their own personality, but the character and excitement of the party as well.

Here are some of the different parties for which our party photo booths are appropriate:

Baby Shower

Image of Baby Shower

Are you or someone close to you expecting? Renting a photo booth from Selfie Booth is a great way to bring the party to the next level. Gather friends and family around the expecting mother and make some funny faces or gestures around her belly, and later you’ll have something to laugh about. There are so many ways to be creative around an expecting mother; dress up in funny costumes or paint an amusing face her stomach — the point is, a selfie booth gives you and your guests the opportunity to have some collective selfie fun.

Birthday Party

Image of Birthday Party

It makes no difference if you’re planning a birthday party for a child or an adult; when you rent a photo booth from Selfie Booth, you get a product that allows everyone a chance to have a lot of fun. Kids especially will not be able to get enough of them. Because our photo booths are highly customizable with different backdrops, sizes, colors, etc., they will find little reason to stop playing around with the party photo booth until it has to be taken away. (Then you’ll have some trouble on your hands!)

No matter the age, birthdays are parties that we all want to remember, and Selfie Booths give you and your guests a perfect opportunity to immortalize the moment. With our booths, users have the option of printing out their photos or sharing them on social media, so you can be sure your birthday party is going to be one that people are going to talk about for a long time.

Graduation Party

Graduations only come around every so often, so it is important when planning a party for one to have something like our party photo booths so you and your guests get to remember every minute of this special moment in their lives. Let everyone wear their cap and gowns, if they’re graduating college, let them toss their caps high in the sky, and customize a backdrop so it can seem they’re standing in the city where they’re soon to work. However you choose to prepare the moment, Selfie Booth has the exciting and fun tools your party needs to let your guests dissolve into the moment and then remember it for a long time.

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Wedding planners need worry no more! With Selfie Booth, the photo booth rental service, you can accommodate everyone’s photo demands with customizable wedding photo booths. These photo booths from Selfie Booth give wedding guests the opportunity to depart from the dance floor momentarily so they can capture the joy on their faces on their own. With these novel wedding products, you can count on the party not getting bogged down by too many people on their phones, because now they won’t have a reason to use them. The Selfie Booth elevates the selfie game and transforms the photo booth rental industry for the better.

Below are just a few reasons you should considering using the photo booth rental service for your upcoming wedding:

Image of Unlimited Prints

Unlimited Prints

Selfie Booth’s wedding photo booths are highly customizable, and one of their great features is unlimited print capability. This means your wedding guests can print as many selfies of themselves that they want. Because we have so many different backdrops available, ranging in color and size and other customizable details, it makes sense that your guests will want to print out more than one of their selfies from the booth.

Image of Text and Social Media Capability

Text and Social Media Capability

Don’t want to bother your guests to print out their selfies? Not a problem. Our wedding photo booths can share the final selfie results via text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter. What better way to share the excitement of your wedding than to make it possible to share photos of your guests immediately on some of the biggest social media platforms? Consider adding a hashtag for your wedding, and then later you’ll be able to scroll through all the selfies your guests took and have a good laugh.

Image of GIFs


While simple selfies are always fun, there are few things more of the moment than GIFs. Our photo booth rental service allows your guests to turn their static images into animated videos by stitching together multiple photos taken simultaneously. Let your wedding guests have a ball by making funny faces and gestures so that the final GIF is chock full of emotions and joy. The more features you add to your wedding, the more memorable it will be. Technologically advanced wedding booth rentals are among the best products to bring out all the color and excitement that your wedding is going to bring out in your guests.

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