Take as many photos as you like

With Photo Booth Rental, everything is included in the upfront cost. You can usually choose a package that includes unlimited photos and prints. That means you can take as many photos as you like without having to think about the cost. This option is really popular with weddings as there are so many guests that will want to take pictures with the bride and groom. Plus, it is a great time to grab some family photos whilst everyone is together.

As well as unlimited prints, you can also choose additional options such as special backdrops and fun props to make your pictures personal and unique. That way, both you and your guests will create and get to keep the perfect memories of the event. They will be instantly recognisable as they will be in a design that you have chosen and especially themed just for you. You can even choose a personalised message or frame for your prints as an optional extra. So, whether you are hosting a wedding or corporate event, you are sure to have your brand recognised.

Share your photos instantly

As well as unlimited prints, you will also have the option to download and share your photos as soon as they have been taken. When you hire a , you can download all the photographs that were taken during your event Houston Photo Booth as the host. Then your guests can download their own photos right after they were taken and share them with whoever and wherever they choose. Some hosts even create their own hashtags, so they can check if their event photos are trending online!

Are you ready to choose your photo booth rental? Check out your options and choose the right package for you, knowing you will have unlimited prints and social sharing as standard. Then add any supplementary items and extras to your package to make it unique to you. At the end of your party, you can keep all your photo memories in a scrapbook to look back on in the future again and again. Make your event complete when you hire a Houston photo booth and ensure your memories are captured forever.

Why choose to rent a photo booth?

There are a few different ways to photograph an event, and Photo Booths are a great choice. With a photo booth, you are renting everything all as one. It gives your guests the freedom to pose for their own photos and take as many photos as they like together with different people. These types of photos are relaxed, natural, and fun. It is a perfect way to capture memories that are not too formal or posed.

You also have the option to choose a theme. This could be a certain background, props, or filters that will make your photographs truly unique. Most photo booths will also come with a printer so that your pictures can be printed straight away. Meaning the memento of the occasion can be taken away there and then, but you also have the digital copy of the photographs. Instant access to your photos allows you to share them with your friends immediately without having to wait for edits to be done by a photographer.

How to choose a photo booth for your event?

Once you know you want to Rent Photo Booth, you then need to choose what type of booth to rent. Think about what you want to get from your photographs and then look at your options. Unlimited prints are a great option as there is no limit to the number of photographs you and your guests can take away. Also, the ability to view your photographs in a gallery online and share them socially is something that you should consider.

Then, there are additions, such as different backdrops and specialized props. Things that will make your photos distinct from the standard packages. You can also choose extras such as animated gifs, which capture some fun moments, especially great for sharing on social media with your friends. Some exclusive memories to keep forever and look back on fondly. Other ideas are adding your prints to a memory scrapbook or creating a photo book of the event. The options with your photo booth pictures are endless.
So, are you ready to rent a photo booth for your next event or party? Get ready to capture some special moments and make memories by renting a photo booth and creating amazing fun photos you and your guests will enjoy.

1. Photo Quality

The internet has added a whole new dimension to DIY. Thanks to the millions of DIY videos online, people have begun to take on ambitious projects on just about everything. However, often videos make DIY projects seem much easier than they really are. DIY photo booths for events are one of the things.

If are considering a DIY photo booth for a big even as an alternative to a modern, professional-quality DIY photo booth, here are a few reasons why renting is your better option.

2. Last-Minute Glitches

A lot of things can go wrong from technical glitches to improper lighting. DIY projects tend to leave things to chance or make you the one who has to solve the problems. But this isn’t the case with a rental photo booth in Los Angeles. At Selfie Booth Co., all our booths are delivered, installed, and taken away by our team. An attendant at the event ensures that you don’t have to worry about managing the crowd, tidying the place, finding the right props, or troubleshooting in an unexpected issue arise. With a professional assistant on-site, you can focus on the event while we take care of the booth.

3. Props and Backgrounds

Even the most basic packages at Selfie Booth Co. include a variety of props and backgrounds that can be customized to match your specifications. For example, with the Scrapbook package, you can take two copies of the same picture and use one for the scrapbook and the other for the guest. These photos will be put together by our attendant and made into a memorable scrapbook at the end of the event.

Besides fun props provided with your photo booth, you can customize the backdrop, add custom graphics and logos to the print, and even add your company branding on the booth.

When you have a million things to plan for your event, let Selfie Booth Co. take care of the entertainment when you rent a photo booth for a party, wedding, or corporate event.

1. Locking Dates

Selecting a date can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a reunion. You have to find a date where a good percentage of people will be able to attend. Often, reunions are held during the summer or around a holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular options because many people come home for those holidays and might be in town. If the event is going to be at the school you graduated from, check with them if there are restrictions about a date or big events at the school you need to work around.

2. Spread the Word

Create an event page on Facebook or a group on some other form of social media to include everyone from your graduating class. Send all information and updates about the event through these sources. You can also have to pick an online ticketing platform to sell tickets, collect RSVP, and funds.

3. Choose a Theme

Themed reunions can be a lot of fun. You could recreate your prom night and ask everyone to dress in attire from that era. Don’t be surprised if some of your classmates have their original prom outfits and choose to wear them! Or opt for a throwback themed party with things that were popular in that period. From food and clothes to music and even movies, pick everything from your era. Other possible themes are a casino night, a Hawaiian luau or a night at the movies.

4. Entertainment

There are plenty of fun entertainment options that are also cost-effective. A photo booth from Selfie Booth Co. is a great option. They have helped to make hundreds of reunions special and memorable. Your guests will love to take their pictures on customized backdrops, and the unlimited prints help them take these photos with them as memorable keepsakes. If you are looking for a photo booth in Los Angeles, visit Selfie Booth Co. online. Other options for entertainment can be DJs, live bands, and ice breaker activities and games.

These tips are sure to make your reunion an event you and your guests will remember for a long time. For information about photo booth pricing and packages, call 424 307 5992.

1. Don’t Choose the Wrong Backdrop:

One thing that helps to make your photo booth special are a few customized backdrops. Avoid see through vinyl backdrops. At Selfie Booth, we offer customers a wide range of backdrops: sequined backdrops, a green screen, or even a customized backdrop with the names of the bride and groom written on it. If you are having an event in San Francisco, a nice Golden Gate bridge green screen backdrop could be a perfect backdrop for your guests to remind them of their trip.

2. Don’t Forget to Post Photos on Social Media:

The best thing about selfie booths is that your guests can instantly share their photos on social media! You could also create a custom hashtag that your guests can share when posting pictures. If you’re planning a high-profile corporate event, what better way is there to make it go viral? No matter what San Francisco photo booth rental you choose, all your guests should be able to share their photos on social media or via email.

3. Don’t Place the Photo Booth in a Secluded Area:

The whole purpose of a photo booth is that you want everyone to use it. Make sure you put the photo booth out in the open so people are encouraged to get into the booth. A well-placed photo booth can quickly become the life of the party!

Are you looking for a photo booth rental in San Francisco? We can help!

Customization Options Available:

As we said earlier, photo booths aren’t just for weddings and birthday parties— they’re ideal for corporate events like product launches, appreciation events, and even trade shows. Photo booths offer a great opportunity to promote brand identity. You can customize a backdrop with your brand name or logo, or you can add your logo directly to the pictures. In some cases, you can also add a customized skin to the photo booth, taking the experience to an all new level. With Selfie Booth Co, you can also promote your event on social media by encouraging guests to share these photos directly on their Facebooks, and on their Twitter profiles along with a hashtag specifically created for the event.


At Selfie Booth Co, we offer three packages, each bringing a wide range of features. But a common feature of these packages is unlimited prints. These can be offered as wedding favors for guests. When choosing a photo booth rental company in Orange County, look for services that offer high-quality prints. Skimping on print quality reflects poorly on the event and makes the photos not worth preserving. Ask the rental company to send samples of their printed photos to assess picture quality and check if they’re worth the cost. What are the extras that they are willing to add along with the package? Will the package include GIFs and boomerangs?

Customer Service:

This is undoubtedly the most important factor of all when choosing a photo booth rental company. Will they provide an attendant to help you manage the booth? Can the assistant manage any technical issues that may arise during the event? Does the vendor offer input regarding the event? Answers to questions such as these should help with your decision so be sure to ask!

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1. Understand the Importance of Food at Events:

Whether you’re inviting friends for a cup of tea or meeting your in-laws for lunch, food has always been an integral part of our social lives. It’s one of the best ways to showcase hospitality and it offers an opportunity to connect with people. When planning a catered event, take time and effort to know your guests’ cuisine choices. For example, do they have dietary restrictions? Are your guests from a particular ethnic background? Are they coming from another town or country? Hire a dependable caterer who is not only licensed and accredited but also insured—and of course, experienced!

2. Timing Is Everything:

It may be alright for guests to be late to an event, but when planning, always make sure you are on-time and things are scheduled properly. From the time food is served to the speaker’s scheduled speech, things should move like clockwork. Attendees who have invested time and money in the event expect a smooth experience. When a certain aspect of the event is thrown off schedule, it could affect the entire experience, so be sure to prioritize the schedule.

3. Keeping Guests Entertained:

Making sure your guests are entertained is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Standard ideas include arranging games, karaoke, hiring a caricature artist, or even arranging a scavenger hunt for the younger guests. But if you’d like to take things a notch up, try getting a selfie booth. Your guests can strike a pose and then post the pictures instantly to their social media accounts. This is an excellent way to keep teenagers and younger adults entertained. You can also give guests printed photos as keepsakes to remember your event. You can create customized backdrops, choose from a wide range of photo filters, and even let guests create animated GIFs.

If you are looking for information and considering a photo booth rental for a birthday party or event? Call us or send an email!

1. They’re a Great Source of Entertainment:

Why would anyone pass on a great opportunity to take crazy photos with equally crazy props and backdrops?! In fact, it’s the craziness that attracts people to a selfie booth in the first place! You can either pick from one of the many backdrops we offer or customize one for your event with special messages, branding, emojis, and even pictures!

2. Printed Photos:

At Selfie Booth, we offer unlimited prints in three standard sizes, depending on the package you choose. You can also create a custom photo folder to protect these pictures. Why wait for the photographer to send you edited photos of the event when your guests can have instant access to them! And did we tell you, they get to share these to their own social media profiles instantly?

3. Helps with Brand Awareness:

Selfie booths are perfect for business events and promotions. The next time you hold a product launch, encourage guests to take photos in the selfie booth and upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a customized hashtag and branding! They can also take the photos as a souvenir which helps branding each time they show someone the photo.

Are you looking for a photo booth in Los Angeles? Call me or send an email!

Photo booth case

1. Trade shows

Every year, nearly a million and more trade shows are held for trade and business which can be a great opportunity to set up a photo booth. Since this is a formal event, stick to simple official looking props to encourage potential customers to enter your booth.

2. Wedding photographer

If you are a wedding photographer, you can rent a photo booth to be set up for guests to create memories of the occasion and tag their friends on social media. This could be a great addition to your income as a photographer because it can help to build your brand with guests that otherwise would have taken little notice of your business.

3. Sports events

Local sporting events in educational institutions and clubs are a great opportunity for families of athletes and spectators to capture their special moments. Think about the happy faces at neighborhood baseball and football games where generations of families come together to encourage their little ones and how you can help build memories for them.

4. Tourist locations

Tourist spots are another great place to set up a photo booth. These locations allow you to use the natural backgrounds of the location and give tourists a way to take professional looking photos. This will enhance the tour album of your guests and encourage them to share and bring more people to the attraction.

5. Fairs and markets

Seasonal fairs and markets that are held during festivals are another excellent occasion for a photo booth. Ensure that the booth has interesting props and backgrounds related to the event to encourage people join in and create memories from the fair or market.