Rentals Include an Attendant

An attendant is much more than another person that stands around. They do ensure that the photo booth is properly operated. Yet, they do much more than that to make sure that everyone is safe. Other things that photo booth attendants do can include:

  • Making sure that proper social distancing measures are taken
  • Making sure that people respect current social distancing guidelines
  • Sanitizing equipment in between uses
  • Answer questions customers might have about photo booth operation
  • Provide assistance or instruction on how to use digital props

Photobooth attendants are trained in how to help guests stay safe during the pandemic. They are also trained in how to operate the equipment. 

A Safer Alternative

Photo booths provide a safer alternative for group photos! Our open-air booths are the ideal option for larger events and make social distancing easier than ever. There are several ways that companies are making sure that you can both have fun and stay safe. 

Digital Props

Most photo booths now provide digital props instead of the previous cardboard/wood versions. The no-contact fun promotes safety among guests, It also reduces the amount of time that the photo booth will be out of order to allow the attendant to sanitize it. 

Social Distancing

Make all the memories that you want, but only with the people that you want! Open-air photo booths make sure that more than one person can get into the picture while still social distancing. Have one person stand six feet in front of another to maintain social distancing! This makes a great picture pose too! Families can easily fit in the picture together, without leaving room for those outside the household. High-risk guests can maintain their distance without having to be excluded from the pictures. 

Photo booths that provide limited space instantly require that social distancing guidelines be followed. Social distancing will be respected, and event coordinators can instantly avoid awkward conversations with guests that want to take a large group photo. 

Easy to Sanitize

If you plan a lot of events, it can be more cost-effective to purchase a small photo booth instead of renting one. When you purchase one, you become the attendant. Fortunately, these are so easy to sanitize that you won’t have to worry about a thing! 

Digital filters only require that the screen people touch be sanitized. Open-air photo booths eliminate the need for wiping down seats or an entire photo booth! Enjoy the event with everyone else while simultaneously taking proper safety precautions.

Instantly Increase Morale

Morale is at an all-time low as the pandemic rages on across the world. Mental health is at an all-time high. Divorce rates are increasing. According to this article, divorce rates have seen a 34% increase since Covid-19 started. 

What is causing this crisis, though? It’s not because people are getting sick. Instead, it’s believed to be a combination of stress, worry, and financial crisis. Both couples and individuals alike feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. More than ever, people need to have fun! A photo booth can help them do just that. 

Make People Smile with Funny Faces, Filters, and Props

Digital filters, like the smooth skin “Kardashian” beauty filter, are sure to be a hit. Make your guests smile with ridiculous poses and funny digital props. Keep your friends smiling for days with extra photos for them to take home, thanks to unlimited prints. 

Have Fun!

Photo booths are more than just a place to classic photographs. They have all the things you need to let loose and finally have some fun! Enjoy making a GIF that can be shared to Facebook or emailed to friends. Have a good laugh at your boss’s expense with an inside joke in the GIF, and then mail it to co-workers so they can have some fun too. Create a scrapbook to enjoy fun memories of everyone at the party! Photo booths can also take videos for some extra fun or for people to make a toast!

Increase Event Attendance

Social distancing has put a damper on the events of the world. Previous event staples, like face painting, are now hard to come by. However, if you don’t provide fun things to do while maintaining the safety of the guests, you can trust that your guest book will look sparse. Those are the two key components to having a successful event during social distancing, and photo booths help you accomplish both of them. 

When advertising your event, even if it’s just in a Facebook group, let them know about the photo booth. Hype up making personalized GIF’s. Stay informative about safety precautions. Remind guests what precautions will be taken to ensure photo booth safety. You’re almost guaranteed to have a better turnout!

Photo Booths Come with a Variety of Options for Perfect Pictures

Create the perfect picture with backdrops and filters! Funny pictures will be funnier. Creative guests can unleash their inner creative spirit with filters. And, everyone can find something for them that guarantees they are confident about their pictures. 


Find the perfect backdrop to coordinate with the event! A sequin backdrop is ideal for weddings and other formal events. 

Or, go the opposite way for more fun. Pick the perfect backdrop to encourage creativity! A green screen backdrop lets you take pictures wherever you want. Pose in front of the Eiffel Tower. Make a movie at the Coliseum! The possibilities for fun and creativity are truly endless. 


The fun doesn’t stop with backdrops! Filters are available for every purpose! Get rid of pimples or uneven skin tones with beauty filters. Create classic memories with black and white or sepia filters. Play with various Instagram inspired filters to find the most flattering one. Or, opt away from filters even though they’re available for the famous #nofilter brag rights. 

Photo booths are making the comeback of the century. Modern technology provides enhancements that were previously only seen on social media apps. Backdrops are available for every occasion. Social distancing and having fun at the same time has never been easier!

Photo booths for corporate photos and events

Instead of hiring a professional photographer to take and edit your corporate photos for you, why not hire a photo booth and let your staff get creative and use the booth to take their own photos? You can take as many shots as you like within the hire time and produce photographs that everyone is happy with. Plus, you can include your business logo or name on the prints and finished products too. It is an excellent way to get your brand noticed when the photographs are used.

For business events, having a photo booth can encourage people to get together and have their photos taken. It creates a fun and happy environment for employees. This can bring people closer together, which is great for team building. It can lead to some excellent photos to be used by your marketing team as they showcase all kinds of moments to portray you as a brand. It also encourages trust and connection with your employees. They will enjoy taking and printing the photos to keep as a memory of the event and also to share with their friends.

How to use photo booths for marketing?

Not only is the fact that you have a photo booth at your event a great marketing tool itself, but you can also use the products for marketing and advertising too. For example, if you want to share some interesting information on social media, using your selfie booth photographs from your latest event will help bring attention to your article. It will show real people instead of just using stock photos and give a positive and true visual representation of your business.

Staff may also want to use the photos themselves, on social media, for example, or in any corporate work they do. By including some branding, you are essentially marketing your business for free. As you can see, photo booths are a great idea and can be used in different ways to market your business. Are you considering renting a photo booth and using it as a marketing tool? Take a look at Photo Booths for Rental and plan your next marketing campaign in a different way.   


Tips to Transition from Part-Time to Full Time

  1. Build on the events that you already do. If you hire out your booth at weddings at the weekend, then you could expand this to events on a weekday too. Weddings take place all through the week these days, so you can increase your events easily by opening up your diary to the full week rather than the weekend. Working with wedding and party venues will also help, especially if they recommend your services to their clients. Building a good relationship with venues will help boost your business to full time.    
  2. Diversify your themed events. Perhaps now you have a few backdrops and themes for your photo booth, so to increase your business, you could add to your collection. By offering specialist themes such as Christmas, birthday parties, and baby showers, you can open up your business to more clients and improve your bookings throughout the week.    
  3. Find ways to rent out your photo booth during the daytime. Most parties and events will occur in the evening or over the weekend, which can reduce your potential capacity. But thinking about other options during the week can help increase your business. Think about corporate events and company or school portraits. Thinking outside the obvious uses for your photo booth will drum up more business and give you a wider range of bookings.    

How to begin moving your photo booth activity to a full-time business

First of all, you should do your research. Review your current business and what your current clients like about what Photo Booths you offer. Then find out what additional services are popular and what is already available in your area. Check out your competition and see if there are any holes in the market that your business could potentially fill. Put all this research together and make a plan for moving forward towards your full-time photo booth business.
Then, market your business to make sure potential clients know you are available for more events than previously, whether this is new services that you are offering or just opening up your diary to offer more times and dates throughout the week. You can make your Photo Booths work for you and rent them out as your sole business. Are you ready to make your photo booth rental your full-time job?

Photo booth case

What to look for in a photo booth rental?

To get the most out of San Diego photo booth rental, you need to look at all your options. Here are five things you should consider before choosing your photo booth rental San Diego.

  1. Are prints included? This is an important question to ask as some photo booths come without a printer. Then those that do have a printer may offer photo prints in different sizes, from passport sizes to 4×6 large prints.    
  2. Can you share your prints digitally? If you want to promote your event or share the photos with guests that can’t attend, digital sharing is something you will want to be included. Check if the photos can be shared by email, text message, or direct to social media.    
  3. Can the booth and prints be customized? To make your event extra special, customized prints or photo booth skins are a great idea. Before booking your rental, check what the customizable options are.    
  4. What about props? Think about the theme of your party and find out what types of props and backdrops are included in your package. Is there a green screen for customized photos, or are there specialized fabrics available?
  5. Consider your budget. Before you book your San Diego photo booth, you need to make sure you are getting the best package for your budget. Understand how much you are willing to spend and research the packages available in your price range to find the best deal for you. 

Make sure you know what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay and keep this in mind whilst doing your research. This will make it much easier to find the right photo booth for you.

What to look for in San Diego photo booth hire?

Even with a basic package, you should expect a colored backdrop of your choice, an option to share or print your photographs there and the props included to be used at your event. You may then be able to upgrade your package to larger prints, specialist backdrops, and premium props all the way to fully customized and personalized booths and pictures. Check what is included in your San Diego photo booth rental and consider all your options to get the best possible deal for your next event.  

Photo booth rental Houston

Houston isn’t just the home of the space station, but it’s also the base for numerous businesses. If you are a business looking for photo booth rental in Houston, look for a company that offers customized branding on their booths and prints so that you stay fresh in the minds of your clients. Ensure that the booth is a sleek and simple design that won’t overwhelm the space and is easy to transport and set up so that you can focus on all-important networking. Look for a rental company that provides trendy add-ons like green screen and Boomerang GIFS that can be shared instantly on social media.

San Diego Photo Booth Rental

Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and incredible climate, San Diego is the perfect place for a wedding or soiree of any kind. If you’re planning a party in ‘America’s Finest City,’ you should look for a company that provides booths with customized props and backdrops that will mean fun and personalized experience for your guests. High-quality photos and endless prints in various sizes are a must so that people can take their memories away with them.

Ensuring that your rental company offers insurance is also vital so that you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong and can concentrate on your big day.

Why choose us for your photo booth rental?

Here at Selfie Booth Co, we have years of experience of providing clients across the country with photo booth services, and we offer a number of different packages to suit our clients’ needs. We are passionate about providing the best photo booth rental, and we offer a wide range of props and backdrops, the most up-to-date features, free setup and delivery, and liability insurance with $1,000,000 of coverage. Just look through some of our glowing testimonials to see some of our satisfied customers!

So if you’re looking for the right company to deliver your selfie Booth needs in Houston or San Diego, look no further! Contact us on 713-352-1166 – Houston or 858-252-4340 – San Diego or drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Planning and coordinating events/parties can be quite stressful. However, having the photos department sorted by photo booths with professional lighting and high-quality photos will help light up your party, creating great fun for your guests.

Here we take a look at some of the 5 best photo booth Bay Area rentals that are giving taking photos a whole new meaning while adding fun to the experience:

  1. Photobox

Photobox has been in the event and wedding photography industry since 2004 but ventured into photo booth rentals just over 8 years ago. Their photo booths are made in San Francisco and pride themselves in that most of their staff is made up of photographers and photojournalists.

Depending on the package you choose, Photobox offers logo placement, color scheme design, unlimited photo sessions, an attendant, and 6-month web hosting of your pictures. They also have add-ons, including larger prints, Guestbook, San Francisco Bay Area Sports Team Kit among other props.

However, it is worth noting that Photobox adds a 25% charge for those booking photo booth rentals Bay Area for outdoor wedding events. They also offer dog photo booth services.

  1. Photomatica

These photo booth rentals are run by former college track teammates. Photomatica offers photo booth rentals in the Bay area, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New England, Texas, and TN. In addition to photo booth rentals, Photomatica provides tintype rentals and permanent photo booth installation. Besides, the company also buys and sells vintage booths.

Their photo booth rentals provide unlimited photo strips and an onsite photo booth technician. Moreover, their open-air photo booths can accommodate up to 8 people; hence they are ideal for large groups. They also offer fully customized photo strips with your event’s name or logo and allow your guests to create animated gifs from the photos.

Photomatica also allows your guests to email or text digital images directly to their phones.

  1. SnapFiesta

SnapFiesta has been around for over 9 years now. Their photo booths are ideal for social and marketing events, such as corporate parties. Although it serves the whole country, it is based in San Francisco and LA. SnapFiesta’s photo booth Bay area rentals offer a variety of dynamic services ranging from open set 360 slow motion studios to unlimited photo sessions and prints.

They also offer customizable features that suit your event best. With these photo booth rentals, you also get over 50 backdrops, personalized print layouts and a variety of themed props. Besides, SnapFiesta’s booths use high-end lighting, which provides professional photographs. Besides their open set traditional photo booths, Slow Motion and Flipbook Studio allow you to fit as many as 15 people in one shot.

  1. Snap Yourself

Serving events in LA, San Francisco Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago, Snap Yourself is run by a group of photo industry professionals. Their open photo booth rentals Bay area has a remote wireless snapper that gets your guests in on the act as they take pictures.

Besides, Snap Yourself photo booths ensure each of the photos has a personalized graphic overlay and provides a lot of props for your guests to get creative.

Their services also include custom backdrops and allow guests to print their favorite shots instantly on the unlimited print yourself station. Snap Yourself also provides a separate sharing station that helps guests to send photos directly to their phones.

  1. Selfie Booth Co

We have saved the best for last. You don’t talk photo booth Bay area rentals without a mention of Selfie Booth’s high tech and elegant booths. From fully insured booths with Instagram inspired filters, unlimited prints, customized logos on prints to branded selfie booths for corporate events, Selfie Booth Co is the best of the bunch.

It was launched a few years ago by a professional photographer keen on adding more fun to weddings by giving them different options for photos. Selfie Booth Co is now among the best not only in the Bay Area but also in LA, Miami, Philadelphia, and San Diego among other states.

What makes Selfie Booth Co the best? Well, the company’s booths are built in the UK, are easy to use with better and high-quality lighting that produces cutting edge selfies. Besides, they use advanced DSLR cameras and allow perfect instant printing without any smudges.

More importantly, Selfie Booth’s photo booth rentals in the Bay area allow guests to send pictures directly to their phones as well as share on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Even better, this feature is available in their basic package.

Photo booths bring monumental fun experiences to parties by always keeping the guests engaged. Do you have an upcoming event in the Bay Area? You can contact Selfie Booth to enquire on their super high-tech, modern photo booth rentals Bay Area and give your guests memories they will cherish forever.

You will find a wide variety of features that you will need to decide on: Do you want printed photos? Are they in color or black and white? Is it possible to share photos on social media? Are the props included in the rate?

Make sure that the photo booth rental provides you with good quality pictures, and that it will save copies of them after the event. Get informed about the technologies available in the market so you know you will have exactly what you need.

Choose the Right Time

Choose the right time to advertise the photo booth. Some moments during the event can be more opportune than others. Introduce the booth only when the party has already started and advanced when guests are having fun, especially if alcohol is served, as they will be uninhibited and more encouraged to take fun selfies.

But be careful, do not waste your time leaving it until the end of the event, because the guests may already be preparing to leave. The amount of time will depend on the event itself and the number of guests.

Be Aware of the Rate

The duration of the photo booth rental Houston service during the event will be the most determining factor for the total rental price. You must analyze your event schedule and define how many hours will allow you to get the most out of the photo booth.

Location Matters

Another determining factor of the cost is the location; the further the place of the event is, the higher the price for the transfer costs. Always prioritize rental houses that are close to the place where the party or event will be held.

The price will also be directly related to the benefits of the photo booth, its quality and accessories. Remember to negotiate with the rental house the price for the prints. The more accessories you include, the higher the rate will be.

Finally, if you want a social media upload feature, make sure you have Wi-Fi in the lounge and, otherwise, only consider providers that will be able to take their own device to ensure wireless connectivity.

If you want to know the latest photo booth technology available, check our catalog and ask your photo booth rental company in Houston for our products and service offerings.

Selfie Booth fans! Huge news! We are coming to the Big Apple!

Selfie Booth Co. is a company that started on the west coast of the United States, as a California based company that began in Texas. After some time, we began expanding and moving east. We have locations sprouting up all around the country: Texas, California, and New Jersey. Now, we are coming to New York City!

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. Some may even say it is the capital of the world. It is the city that never sleeps: filled with lights, sound, and endless entertainment. A 24-hour city that never shuts down. And what better place to bring our photo booth? the endless events that happen there are a great way for us to continue making nights magical. Whether you are renting out Dave and Buster’s for your company party or getting married in St. Patrick’s cathedral with a reception at a nearby hotel after, Selfie Booth can come and make your evening memorable.

We have seen the beautiful photos that can come from events in New York City: the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building at night, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Freedom Tower. Now, we are excited to help capture those moments while you are throwing your event. Our photo booth is mobile and can be rented anywhere to make your evening even more special.

We make sure that working with our company is seamless and easy. We make sure that after you cross your t’s and dot those I’s, you have nothing more to worry about except having a good time. By simply filling out a form on our site, you can begin the process of having a photo booth at your event. For our fee, we deliver, setup, and breakdown everything. And the options for the photo booth are abundant! We have various technology that gives you and your guests fun photo taking options. Do you want a skin smoothing feature? Done. Various backgrounds and props? It will be there. An event logo on the filmstrip and the photo booth? we can make that happen. The options for customization are extensive, and we can’t wait to sit down with you can create the perfect package for your event. Contact us today to learn about how to rent one! We also have other ways to connect with us – such as Facebook and Instagram – and we would love to connect so that we can already begin to feel at home up in the concrete jungle!

The Selfie Booth Co expanded, becoming the perfect rental for not only weddings, but birthday parties, corporate events, and so much more. We began to expand up and down the west coast as well as Texas. Now, we are finally hitting the east coast and heading to New Jersey, then New York. Going east and settling in the tri-state area is a big move for Selfie Booth Company, and will hopefully lead to continued expansion in the United States. Selfie Booth Co is excited to experience the east coast for the first time and continue to build forever memories with clients.

Whether you have a wedding, company event, birthday party, or any other event. Selfie Booth Co is now available in New Jersey for rental. It is easy to work with us! Simply go on our website and fill out a form to begin.

We deliver, setup, and breakdown everything at no extra charge. Our newest technologies mean there are even more options for your photos. A wedding or a corporate party now has a wonderful keepsake to look back on. We are so excited to be on a new coast, and we can’t wait to grow there and continue making your events memorable. Contact us today to learn about how to rent one!

We deliver, setup, and breakdown everything at no extra charge. Our newest technologies mean there are even more options for your photos. A wedding or a corporate party now has a wonderful keepsake to look back on. We are so excited to be heading up the Bay Area, and we can’t wait to grow there and continue making your event memorable. Contact us today to learn about how to rent one! We also have other ways to connect with us – such as Facebook and Instagram – and we would love to connect so that we can already begin to feel at home up in NorCal!

Company Overview

Selfie Booth Co was launched years ago in Houston, Texas and quickly expanded to California. It was created by a professional photographer who wanted to give weddings a different option for photos, one that was professional but easy to use. She wanted to give the newlyweds something fun to add to their wedding that could create instant memories. The Selfie Booth was created to make taking pictures simple for guests of any age, with easy to follow, on screen instructions.

The Selfie Booth is good for not only weddings, but other kinds of events as well. Selfie Booth Co began to grow and expand, and headed south to Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, covering the southern part of the state.

Selfie Booth has had a wonderful time in the southern part of the state, making lasting memories for its clients at their various events. California, however, is a large state. Being only in SoCal meant there were so many people that Selfie Booth Co was not able to service, and so many events that were being missed! So, they decided to solve this problem and move to North California.