Renting a Wedding Photo Booth

If you are considering renting Photo Booths for your wedding, you may have reservations if the event is being held outdoors. However, it is totally doable and well worth it to gain the amazing resulting pictures. You can choose a scenic spot to set the booth up, but with the ability to change backdrops or use a green screen, the choice of style for your wedding is endless. The pictures will look amazing, whatever you choose.

Even outside, you can enjoy the use of different styles of props to make your photos fun and exciting and to help your guests get into the party mood. Once they have a perfect shot, it is easy to share snaps on social media. You can even create your very own wedding hashtag, making your friends’ pictures easy to find. Your wedding might end up trending! There are many different Photo Booth Packages to choose from.

Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the booth by choosing to set up in a tent or teepee, on its own, or within another covered area. The great thing about these selfie photo booths is that they are portable and can be easily set up anywhere. So rent a photo booth for your wedding wherever you are holding your event.

Why Choose a Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

As well as a wonderful talking point and a way to bring people together, you will have some amazing memories captured from your special day. You can also add some extras such as a personalised scrapbook to keep all your photos together and give your guests the opportunity to include some special messages. Standard prints can be included for each guest, but if you want something unique, you can design custom prints with various templates too.

Do you want to Rent Photo Booth for your wedding? As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose a selfie photo booth to capture some great memories from your day. Your open-air event can still have many of the features of a wedding that any indoor setting can provide. So, add selfie booth rental to your planning list and make your wedding one to remember.  

Using a photo booth can capture some amazing memories for both you and your guests and make it a wedding party to remember. But how can you customize your wedding photo booth to make it personal to you?

Here are some ways you can make your wedding photo booth and photos unique

  • Customize the booth. To make your photo booth truly unique, you can add your own design to the photo booth. This could be a wedding photo, a candid picture of the happy couple, or a customized logo.    
  • Use a green screen. Do you want to transport your guests to your honeymoon location? Or perhaps a place that is special to you? By using a green screen, you can add the perfect backdrop to your pictures from anywhere in the world.
  • Create a hashtag and share directly to social media. Do you want to share your photos with your guests and those who couldn’t make it online? Encourage everyone to share with your unique hashtag, and your social media will be full of memories.
  • Customized logos on your photos. As well as customizing your booth, you can also create a personalized aspect to your photos or photo strips. Perhaps this is a picture or logo on the back of the picture or a border for your pictures?    
  • Photo props to enhance your theme. Adding props for your guests to use in the photos gives even shy participants confidence and helps with group poses and unique shots.

How will you customize your wedding photo booth?

When researching the right wedding photo booth for you, think about how personalized you want the booth and your pictures to be. Take a look at the packages of offer and see if there are any added extras thrown in, such as large prints or selfie booth albums. Details such as whether you can take prints home at night and direct sharing on social media and to guests’ mobile phones are worth considering too.

Knowing how you want to customize your photo booth for your wedding will help you when deciding the best option when you come to hiring. Research all the options, compare the prices, and, of course, check the reviews and quality before you make your booking. Hiring a selfie photo booth for your wedding will ensure your party is a night to remember.

Renting a photo booth can take the pressure off, knowing your guests are capturing great memories whilst you spend your precious time with them. Your guests will have fun creating their own photoshoots, and you can treasure these moments for years to come. Seeing your friends and family dressed up in silly hats, striking a pose, or looking glam are priceless memories. A photo booth can make any event worth remembering.

Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth San Diego

There are many benefits when it comes to San Diego photo booth rental, meaning it is a great choice for your next event. Whether that is a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, a photo booth is a welcome addition.

Firstly, you can choose your backdrops, what type of props your guests can use, and the general theme for your photo booth photos. The booth is then set up in a designated area where guests can come and go as they please, taking as many photos as they like. They can even come with different skins, so they match the décor or theme of your event. Afterward, guests can take their own photos home as souvenirs, and the host will also receive all photos taken during the event as a keepsake and great memories.

What Makes Photo Booth Rental Special?

The photo booth experience can be unique for you and your event. As well as tailoring the theme and props to your event, you can also personalize the photos. For example, you can request a specific border that is in keeping with your party theme. Or add the date and the reason for the party such as the particular wedding or birthday party you are celebrating. The main thing is you can create your memorable photos tailored to you.

There are different options when it comes to photo booths, too, so make sure you do your research and find out what works best for you. Choose digital or printed versions of your photos; decide whether you want to make GIFs or videos or just stick to still photographs? Then there’s the choice of looks and props for your photos too. If you are thinking about hiring a Photo Booth San Diego, take a look here to choose a photo booth, perfect for your upcoming event.

Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding?

Weddings can be the most joyful events; drinks are flowing, and your nearest and dearest are all in one room for the purpose of celebrating your love. Depending on who made the seating plan, though, weddings can also be a little awkward! Photo booths mean that those in the wedding party who aren’t up for busting a move on the dancefloor can have fun taking selfies instead, and booths are an amazing way of breaking the ice, getting guests up from their dinner tables and mingling together.

While classic wedding photographs are beautiful, they also tend to be quite formal, and it’s unlikely that all of your guests will end up in the reception photos. A photo booth means that all of your guests can capture some candid shots, so you’ll be able to look back and laugh at what they were up to while you were smooching your new spouse on the dancefloor.

Fun Props and More

We provide props with all of our photo booth packages; whether it’s a top hat, a princess crown, funny glasses, or a ‘Team Bride’ sign, they’re sure to keep your guests amused all night long. Our booths offer high quality, unlimited prints, so your guests can just keep going back for more fun, and they will love sharing their snaps instantly on social media. You can even customize the booth for your wedding day with a personal hashtag, and our glittery backdrops will add a dose of sparkle to your snaps.

One of the great benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding is the option of adding a customized scrapbook so that you keep all of your treasured snapshots in one place. Our attendants will add the photos to the book, and your guests can add special messages that will put a smile on your faces for years to come. Attendants will also lookout for any issues with the booth so that you don’t need to worry about anything but enjoying your special day.

Rent a Wedding Photo Booth in San Francisco

If you are looking for Photo Booth Rental in San Francisco and want to add that special something to your day, look no further than Selfie Booth Co. We have years of experience in providing booths for our clients’ big days. Call us on 415-991-7576 or drop us an email at, and together, we can make your wedding day picture perfect.

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Most couples make the mistake of marrying right after their engagement. In your excitement, you may schedule the wedding without leaving enough time to plan for everything. With such short notice, you’re more likely to be stressed while trying to put everything together. It can make it harder to find a venue that’s open and schedule other wedding necessities.  Ideally, it’s best to wait a year from your engagement. A year might seem forever, but when considering all the preparations, you will be surprised how time flies. With enough time, you will be able to plan the décor, catering, and other arrangements to your presences.

2. Entertainment is Important

Years after the wedding, people may remember bits and pieces from the wedding ceremony and will most likely forget about the floral arrangements or the sashes on the chairs. But they are unlikely to forget the entertainment, especially if it was bad! When planning the entertainment for your wedding, look for unique options like live bands, magicians, live painters, photo booths, etc. Selfie Booth provides photo booth rental in Los Angeles and other surrounding cities. Call for information about hiring a photo booth. Selfie Booth offers unlimited prints, customized booths, and instant sharing facilities. The photos from a selfie booth can be given to guests as keepsakes.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

The problem with hiring different people for different tasks is that you will have to constantly communicate with them all. The caterer, the musicians, and the photographer will all have different contact people that you’ll have to manage as you plan your wedding. For some, a professional wedding planner can take the stress out of wedding planning. They will be able to arrange for everything, including catering, the cake, photography, the venue, and décor. This jack of all trades makes things easier for you, allowing you to just enjoy your special day.

4. Share Your Worries With a Trusted Friend

Despite your best efforts, things are likely to go wrong. Rather than keeping things between you and your partner, it helps to confide in a friend. They are more likely to have an objective perspective of the issue and can help you handle any problem that may arise. Plus, some of your friends may have recently planned a wedding and can be a trove of great tips and ideas.

Your wedding can be a day where you can enjoy the love of a partner and the love of all those who came to celebrate with you. With the proper planning, this hectic time can create memories that you’ll cherish the rest of your life.

1 – Hire a Magician

A magician can add that extra something to your wedding. Since it is likely many of your guests may not know each other, the magician’s tricks can work as a great icebreaker. It can also help draw your introverted friends out of their shell without embarrassing them. The magician can be used to fill the awkward silence that often fills the reception and will be a pleasant surprise for guests of all ages.

2 – Hire a Photo Booth

Selfie Booth Co. offers photo booth rental in Los Angeles and other cities, including Orange County and Houston. Their selfie booths have been a great way to entertain guests at many weddings. They are fun to use with different background and filters, and you can give away the prints as keepsakes. Plus, you can even customize the prints with the details of your weddings and a personalized thank you note.

3 – Live Painter

A live painter or a caricaturist can be a fun way to preserve the memories of your wedding. You can give the paintings or drawings away to guests as keepsakes, and these pictures can be displayed in their homes, reminding them of your special day. If there are children attending your wedding, a face painter can be a great way to bring them in on the fun. Live painters have become a popular wedding trend and will help you and your guests make wonderful memories.

4 – DIY Cocktails

A DIY cocktail bar can be a great idea to have a good time and keep alcohol costs down. You can even add to the fun by coming up with a signature drink for your wedding with a creative name that says something about you and your partner. You can theme your DIY cocktail bar with ideas that can complement your wedding’s theme like a make-your-own margarita bar or build-your-own Tiki drink bar.

5 – Live Band

Although this is one of the classic ways to entertain at a wedding, a live band is one of the best ways to excite and energize your guests. Dancing is often people’s favorite part of a wedding, and a live band can make it more memorable. Make sure to pick a wedding band that has a wide repertoire of songs spanning all genres. An emcee or the band’s leader will help to keep your event flowing smoothly.

A Photo Booth Is an Opportunity to Keep Guests Entertained:

There is always potential for guests to get bored at parties. For example, when the newlyweds are busy doing a photo session, guests are more likely to lose excitement. When the band is busy arranging equipment, a similar result happens. A photo booth is the perfect attention-grabber: you can not only keep guests occupied but entertained as well with mementos to remember your event.

You Can Capture Priceless Moments With Friends and Family:

Weddings aren’t just about the ceremony. A wedding is a time when friends and family gather together to celebrate love, and sometimes weddings include people traveling from far off places and families who’ve never even met each other. If you’re looking to capture all the perfect moments of your crazy family having a good time, there’s no better way than to rent a photo booth. A photo booth provides the perfect opportunity to pose for goofy pictures. And because we offer unlimited prints, you could ask guests to put their photos in your guestbook.

A Photo Booth Is Perfect for All Ages:

The best thing about a photo booth is that it’s perfect for all ages. For the older generation, a photo booth is a throwback to the times when smartphone cameras didn’t exist. And for the younger generation, a photo booth provides an opportunity to snap funny photos.

Are you looking for a photo booth rental in Los Angeles? We can help!

They Are Perfect Icebreakers:

Unlike the rigid formality surrounding formal photo sessions, wedding photo booths allow guests to go wild and have fun. They also give you some unique moments that can be chronicled for to look back on years down the road. While you are enjoying your moment in the limelight, guests can keep themselves busy at the photo booth. Several years later when you’re flipping through the wedding album, these photos will surely put a smile on your face.

You Can Give These Photos Away as Party Favors:

Selfie Booth promises unlimited prints and several cool features, like boomerang and customized backdrops. You can also instantly share these photos via social media, for free, or give them away as wedding favors; these are memories from your wedding that guests will remember from your special day. Wish us, you don’t have to spend money on wedding favors!

Photo Booths Are a Fun Idea for People Who Do Not like Dancing:

Wedding parties aren’t always as much fun for people born with two left feet. At a typical wedding party, there’s not a lot to do for those who do not like to dance. Rather than staying glued to their chairs, guests can get into the photo booth and have some fun!

Are you looking for affordable photo booth rental options in Los Angeles? We can help!

Everyone has seen Instagram models or celebrities taking flawless photos that accentuate every feature and cover up every flaw. Made more popular by Kim Kardashian, these photos cover over every imperfection so that they don’t exist. They smooth over your skin so that any blemish is no longer present. While you need a good camera for this kind of effect, you also need good editing. To get those kinds of photos can cost the kind of dollars that not everyone has.

Selfie Booth is introducing a new filter on its photo booth, which smooths your skin and leaves you looking amazing. You can have the Skin Smooth “Kardashian” style photo filter when you rent our Selfie Booth with any of our rental packages, making your night’s photos even better than before. Now, when you share or look back on your Selfie Booth photos, it will look amazing as if you had your own professional photographer taking and editing your photos. Selfie Booth’s new filter will give you a professional experience!




The various filters, studio lighting, and cutting-edge technology used on our Selfie Booth is sure to make every event memorable. And now, with our new filter, your friends, families, or employees won’t know the difference between a home holiday party or a professional photo shoot. Our affordable packages make renting the Selfie Booth an easy option to bringing your event to the next level.

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The Vintage Photo Booth:

Give your photo booth a classic makeover by incorporating elements from the 1950s or the 60s. You can also use antique-inspired accents on the frame with either gold or silver on the backdrop. Or, pick a sequin backdrop from us and let your guests shine!

Faux Frames:

You can either make your own photo booth frame for your event or pick one from our customized backgrounds. These photo frames can be designed to suit the occasion. For example, for baby showers, pick frames in either blue or pink and add cute decorations to the backgrounds. You could also create a backdrop using drape fabrics like voile or chiffon and then add an interesting effect with paper flowers and string lights. These backdrops not only look elegant but offer a perfect photo frame for your guests as well.

Green Screen:

When nothing else works, try the green screen! Green screen includes a green backdrop where guests stand and choose from different digital backgrounds that appear on the camera. From standing with elephants in a jungle safari to balancing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to swimming with sharks, guests can pick any digital backdrop that they like. Remember to ask for the green screen when you call us to rent a photo booth.

GIFs and Boomerangs:

At Selfie Booth, you can book GIF backdrops as an add-on to your regular booth. We’ll help your guests create quirky GIFs that can also be shared via social media. Unlike regular photos, a GIF photo includes a series of photos that can be turned into a 2-3 second looping clip.

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