Renting a Wedding Photo Booth

If you are considering renting Photo Booths for your wedding, you may have reservations if the event is being held outdoors. However, it is totally doable and well worth it to gain the amazing resulting pictures. You can choose a scenic spot to set the booth up, but with the ability to change backdrops or use a green screen, the choice of style for your wedding is endless. The pictures will look amazing, whatever you choose.

Even outside, you can enjoy the use of different styles of props to make your photos fun and exciting and to help your guests get into the party mood. Once they have a perfect shot, it is easy to share snaps on social media. You can even create your very own wedding hashtag, making your friends’ pictures easy to find. Your wedding might end up trending! There are many different Photo Booth Packages to choose from.

Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the booth by choosing to set up in a tent or teepee, on its own, or within another covered area. The great thing about these selfie photo booths is that they are portable and can be easily set up anywhere. So rent a photo booth for your wedding wherever you are holding your event.

Why Choose a Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

As well as a wonderful talking point and a way to bring people together, you will have some amazing memories captured from your special day. You can also add some extras such as a personalised scrapbook to keep all your photos together and give your guests the opportunity to include some special messages. Standard prints can be included for each guest, but if you want something unique, you can design custom prints with various templates too.

Do you want to Rent Photo Booth for your wedding? As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose a selfie photo booth to capture some great memories from your day. Your open-air event can still have many of the features of a wedding that any indoor setting can provide. So, add selfie booth rental to your planning list and make your wedding one to remember.  

Using a photo booth can capture some amazing memories for both you and your guests and make it a wedding party to remember. But how can you customize your wedding photo booth to make it personal to you?

Here are some ways you can make your wedding photo booth and photos unique

  • Customize the booth. To make your photo booth truly unique, you can add your own design to the photo booth. This could be a wedding photo, a candid picture of the happy couple, or a customized logo.    
  • Use a green screen. Do you want to transport your guests to your honeymoon location? Or perhaps a place that is special to you? By using a green screen, you can add the perfect backdrop to your pictures from anywhere in the world.
  • Create a hashtag and share directly to social media. Do you want to share your photos with your guests and those who couldn’t make it online? Encourage everyone to share with your unique hashtag, and your social media will be full of memories.
  • Customized logos on your photos. As well as customizing your booth, you can also create a personalized aspect to your photos or photo strips. Perhaps this is a picture or logo on the back of the picture or a border for your pictures?    
  • Photo props to enhance your theme. Adding props for your guests to use in the photos gives even shy participants confidence and helps with group poses and unique shots.

How will you customize your wedding photo booth?

When researching the right wedding photo booth for you, think about how personalized you want the booth and your pictures to be. Take a look at the packages of offer and see if there are any added extras thrown in, such as large prints or selfie booth albums. Details such as whether you can take prints home at night and direct sharing on social media and to guests’ mobile phones are worth considering too.

Knowing how you want to customize your photo booth for your wedding will help you when deciding the best option when you come to hiring. Research all the options, compare the prices, and, of course, check the reviews and quality before you make your booking. Hiring a selfie photo booth for your wedding will ensure your party is a night to remember.

Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding?

Weddings can be the most joyful events; drinks are flowing, and your nearest and dearest are all in one room for the purpose of celebrating your love. Depending on who made the seating plan, though, weddings can also be a little awkward! Photo booths mean that those in the wedding party who aren’t up for busting a move on the dancefloor can have fun taking selfies instead, and booths are an amazing way of breaking the ice, getting guests up from their dinner tables and mingling together.

While classic wedding photographs are beautiful, they also tend to be quite formal, and it’s unlikely that all of your guests will end up in the reception photos. A photo booth means that all of your guests can capture some candid shots, so you’ll be able to look back and laugh at what they were up to while you were smooching your new spouse on the dancefloor.

Fun Props and More

We provide props with all of our photo booth packages; whether it’s a top hat, a princess crown, funny glasses, or a ‘Team Bride’ sign, they’re sure to keep your guests amused all night long. Our booths offer high quality, unlimited prints, so your guests can just keep going back for more fun, and they will love sharing their snaps instantly on social media. You can even customize the booth for your wedding day with a personal hashtag, and our glittery backdrops will add a dose of sparkle to your snaps.

One of the great benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding is the option of adding a customized scrapbook so that you keep all of your treasured snapshots in one place. Our attendants will add the photos to the book, and your guests can add special messages that will put a smile on your faces for years to come. Attendants will also lookout for any issues with the booth so that you don’t need to worry about anything but enjoying your special day.

Rent a Wedding Photo Booth in San Francisco

If you are looking for Photo Booth Rental in San Francisco and want to add that special something to your day, look no further than Selfie Booth Co. We have years of experience in providing booths for our clients’ big days. Call us on 415-991-7576 or drop us an email at, and together, we can make your wedding day picture perfect.