But there is something missing. Something that can bring the party from ordinary to extraordinary. That something is the Selfie Booth.

What is the Selfie Booth?

The Selfie Booth is a photo booth that can be easily rented and transported to you to make your event go from good to great.

1. It’s different.

The Selfie Booth is something other than a professional photographer. It is a different source of entertainment that allows your guests to get instant, takeaway photos.

 2. It’s fun.

Who doesn’t love taking endless funny photos with their friends and loved ones? The Selfie Booth includes fun filters and green screens to make the photo even more entertaining.

 3. It creates memories.

Photos capture your guests throughout the evening having a great time. Those moments become immortalized thanks to you and the Selfie Booth.

 4. It is easy to use.

The Selfie Booth has touchscreen technology that makes it easy for guests to use. Just touch, pose, and snap!

 5. The photos can be easily shared.

Guests have the option to share the photos via text, email, or social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends know how much fun you are having at the party!

 6. You can enhance your brand.

If the event is one that has a high profile (such as a movie premier party, book launch, or a pop up party), the Selfie Booth can be used to enhance your brand by placing your logo on the Booth itself or on the prints that the guests take home.

7. It can be used as a fun party favor.

Guests can take home the vibrant 2 x 6 prints and have it with them as a keepsake or party favor.

 8. It can be used as a promotional marketing tool.

Create a hashtag and let it run wild. Use that hashtag later on as a way to see how the event went through the eyes of your guests, once everything has settled down. #TheFunDoesntStop

9. It can be used to expand your subscribers.

For businesses, or even your family members on that massive email list, you can collect emails at the booth and add them to your list to increase your followers.

10. Use it to remember the night for yourself.

For a more sentimental event, such as a wedding or family party, you can have guests paste one of the prints in a book and use that as a way to look back on the fun night you and everyone else had.

So what are you waiting for? Rent the Selfie Booth today!

Image of Branded Selfie Booth

The Selfie Booth still allows clients to use it for brand marketing, making memories, and making any affair go from ordinary to extraordinary, good to great.

Contact us today to reserve the selfie booth for your next event!